Are you looking for my PhD?

You can download it by clicking on this link and then clicking on the links within the post.

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One thought on “Are you looking for my PhD?

  1. Dear Claire,
    You kindly allowed me (a year or so ago) to publish some of your transcripts on the website I am building, which is called ‘The art world in Britain 1660-1735′, where they will join an archive of about 17,000 newspaper transcripts from this period.

    I thought I should let you know this!

    One question (but don’t worry if you can’t remember). In our database there are fields for the ‘surrogate source’ and the ‘repository’ – in other words, for the microfilm/website/whatever you consulted, and for the collection where the original collection is held. With newspapers, most people use the Burney collection but I wondered if you had looked at any Nichols stuff? Especially since the Burney doesn’t hold copies of the Term Catalogues?

    Sorry to bother you and thank you again for letting us use your work (which we have acknowledged, naturally – there is also a link to the download page for your PhD).

    best wishes

    Richard Stephens

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